Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Talk to the nature ! again

Sikog Waterfall (bukan nama sebenar) adalah destinasi kami ini.
wal yg pernah cuba mencari waterfall ini dahulunya menemui jalan buntu kerana tersesat.
this time,both of us have made another attempt to locate the place.finally,
we found it..

Here,i've got a chance to snap a waterfall shoot.
this is my first time.for about an hour,i just managed to captured 10 photos..
what a 'damn slow' !.haha

these are few of them..
i put a little touch on it using photoshop to increase the colour saturation and play with some colour balance.
and the result..
it's damn suck!

1 comment:

sdhouse said...

aku...mmg fail bab2 nature photography ni.adeii