Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bajet kecik ; lens pun kecik !

Evening to all.
new baby is coming..ours?not yet.haha
this is for my canon.
however,i'v managed to get this 50mm first since this the only bajet that i have.
my next will be flash and 70-200mm 2.8..
which is about 6k.
pakcik kayo..pakcik kayo..
 but now..i'll focus on my new lens
i've named it 'siti nur jamilah'
she is very sporting and manageable.
the best part is,she's very kind with my wife.hehe

 wow..jamilah look slim and gorgeous!

her great iris!

lets have some pics with jamilah this few days.

bokeh with f1.8
iced mocha at sugar bun
zahran anak ejat

nasi lemak mak siti

1 comment:

sdhouse said...

agak terasa kekejaman teknologi bila lens50mm 1.8 rm300 tp 1.4 rm1.7++..haha